The International MOMS Club began in 1983 when Mary James, an at-home mother in Simi Valley California, decided she was tired of being alone at home. She wanted to meet other at-home mothers and find other at-home children for her children to play with. When she discovered there were no other organizations that met during the day that allowed her to bring her baby and preschooler, she decided to start a brand new organization just for at-home mothers. The MOMS Club was born. The chapter she started was so successful, she knew mothers in other areas must be needing the MOMS Club, too. Soon she and other volunteers were helping mothers start chapters across the country and around the world. We now have over 2,100 chapters in the US alone and over 110,000 members! 


The Deltona West Chapter was founded in 1999. Membership ranges between 40 and 50 members. Our goals include giving moral support and friendship to all mothers, providing a forum for topics of interest to women, giving mothers a voice in the community, and performing service projects - especially ones benefiting children and families. The MOMS Club of Deltona West is open to mothers who stay home full-time or part-time to raise their children in Deltona, DeBary, and Orange City. We invite you to attend our monthly meeting and/or another designated public activity before deciding to join. For the privacy of our moms and children, we do not post our monthly calendar online. If you would like to receive more information about joining our club, please contact our Membership Executive.


If you are not in our area, find a chapter near you at the International MOMS Club® Website, 


MOMS Club. Where Moms Offer Moms Support. 




Play dates
Park days
Splash pad and pool days
After school activities
Local museums
Central Florida Zoo
Mall play areas
Theme parks
Holiday parties
Valentine's party
Easter celebration
Trunk or Treat for Halloween
Winter holiday party

MOM'S ACTIVITIES - Children are welcome

Coffee mornings
Breakfast mornings
Business Meetings
Mom's Night Out
Mom's Night In
Mom Groups
Book Club
Get togethers
Family events



Moms Club Annual Banquet is a spectacular yearly event for moms only to celebrate us and to welcome our new Executive Board Members. This is the ultimate Moms Night Out!

Community Service Projects

All International MOMS Club chapters perform service projects for their communities. Service projects build character, strengthen our club, and teach our children how to make a difference in our community. 

As a non-profit organization, our club is only as strong as the willingness of our members to volunteer. Our members volunteer for positions on the chapter executive board, volunteer to coordinate club activities, volunteer to share their homes, and much more. We enjoy being a successful volunteer organization.

All International MOMS Club chapters are asked to perform at least one service project per year benefiting children in their community. Our club also raises money and donates clothing, toys, school supplies and food to several non-profit organizations in our area. These projects strengthen us as a unit. Here are some examples of our recent service projects:  

  • Donated school supplies to the Volusia County School District
  • Volunteered and collected supplies for victims of natural disasters
  • Created care packages and holiday cards for troops overseas
  • Volunteered at a local children's home
  • Created care packages and holiday cards for the elderly
  • Collected canned goods for a local food pantry
  • Created holiday cards to be delivered to the elderly
  • Donated stuffed animals to children in hospitals and ambulatory care
  • Held a blood drive for the Florida Blood Center

To the world you may be one person
but to one person you may be the world.



  • To provide a support group for mothers who choose to stay at home to raise their children
  • To provide a forum for topics of interest to mothers
  • To help children in the community
  • To perform at least one service project yearly helping needy children



  • That women must be free to choose their personal path to fulfillment
  • That, for women who choose it, raising children is an important and fulfilling full-time job
  • That a family's decision for a mother to stay at home to raise the children often involves considerable financial sacrifice
  • That there is no one right way to raise children, but our members have a common concern in raising their children in a healthful way

You are invited to attend two of our activities before you decide to become a member of MOMS Club of Deltona.
The annual dues of $20 includes:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Participation in all chapter activities
  • Voting rights on club events
  • Opportunity to join the executive board or become playgroup leader
  • Holiday/seasonal parties
  • Registration with the International MOMS Club


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